Monday, January 26, 2009

The Petersen's version 4.0

In the last week and a half, we have become a family of four with a new (to us) station wagon - we're feeling very Parent-ish these days. After some drama at the hospital and a few extra days stay, Asher is doing great (as is Mom and everyone else, too) and we're happily settling into being a little bit larger family. Eli is a great big brother and is very eager to share and help out with Asher. Enjoy the pictures.

As soon as we got home with Asher on Wednesday evening, Eli started piling his trains on Asher - beginning with the brand new Sodor Fire Engine set that he got as a big brother present. For the previous four days they had gone everywhere with him and no one was allowed to touch them. But he wanted to share them with Asher. I think I ended up with about fifteen train engines piled on top of me before he was done.
We talked with Eli about how we always have to have one hand supporting Asher's head. This is his version of that. He's a great big brother.

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