Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished

With a week and a half to spare before Eli's birthday, I finished his train quilt. For his 3rd birthday, he'll get a new twin bed with a new quilt. He knows it's his as it would have been unreasonable to work on it only when he was in bed. I know most of you are more excited about our kids than this quilt, but I'm pretty dang excited that I did it!

Asher's 5 months old!

Well, yesterday technically, but - can you believe it? In a few of these pictures, he's starting to look like Asher, not just baby, we think.

Asher's eating cereal like a champ - as long as we add some fruit to it. I can't blame him; I wouldn't eat the stuff plain either.

A few weeks ago we all went down town to Festival of the Arts. Eli participated in the paint in - even made it in M-live's video of it.

Gee, wonder how that happened:)

We had so much fun. Festival is such a different experience with kids and we really enjoyed it more than we ever have before.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Worker Man

Eli's been working hard lately. He's helped Jeff spread wood chips in several flower beds. . .

Then helped clean out the truck

He's helped our friend Brian build a retaining wall in the front of his house.

He started to help me wash the car. . .

But then realized that his truck needed to be washed, too.

Meanwhile, his little brother, Asher's just been lounging.

And they both got to wear party hats to celebrate their cousin Josiah's birthday!