Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last weekend was a big weekend for the Petersen's. Jeff and I officiated at a wedding on Friday evening, which was a blessing to be a part of. On Saturday evening, I attended my 10 year High School reunion - and I was actually excited about it. It was incredibly awkward and strange as I had expected, but it was also really fun and great to see people that, in many cases, I hadn't even thought about in several years.

Jeff (and Eli) really worked hard around the house as well. The stairs on the west side of the deck were caving in and the tall ornamental grass in that area always falls over the stairs, even though Jeff drastically cut it back last fall. On Friday, Jeff tore out the old staircase and put in a new wall of lattice to hold back the grass. We'll put a climbing vine of some sort or some hanging plants on the wall next spring. On Saturday, he and a friend (Jonathan) rebuilt the steps - they don't shake, sag, or shift anymore! Jeff helped Jonathan with a painting job at his rental property and then hung with Eli while I was away for the evening. On Sunday, Jeff, again with some help from Eli, replaced the sink traps in our kitchen sink that have been leaking for quite some time. Our house, and Jeff and I, are much relieved to have some new pieces.