Monday, November 24, 2008

This morning our friend Addie came over for a little bit while her mom was at the dentist. She's four months old and absolutely adorable. At first Eli was very concerned that she was going to take his spoon (with which he was eating yogurt) or his string cheese or . . . But then he couldn't get enough of her. Although, he did think they should have equal turns in the Bumbo seat - it's a seat that helps really little ones sit up before they are able to on their own. What you see in this picture is how they spent about twenty minutes - Eli was talking to her and singing to her. It was quite fun to see how he interacted with a little one.

Jeff also built Eli his first snow slide of the year today. We got just a few inches of snow this morning so it took almost all of the snow from the back yard. Jeff wasn't sure he's ever shoveled a yard before, but the slide is great. We're making plans for a snow slide party (much) later in the winter with some friends of Eli's. There's plans already in progress to build a huge slide for it off the back of the deck.

Tomorrow marks 32 weeks for Baby Pete. At my appointment last week, I continued to measure about a week and a half ahead of schedule. They're keeping an eye on that just to see where things go, but their not concerned about it. My back pain has significantly diminished and I'm sleeping much better than I was for a few weeks. That makes the outlook for the next two months much more appealing.

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