Friday, June 20, 2008

Adventures in waiting

Yesterday I had my first prenatal doctor's visit for this pregnancy. It went well, but has turned into a bit of an adventure.

It began when my doctor, whom I think is wonderful, seemed very interested in the fact that I am significantly more nauseous with this pregnancy than I was with Eli. Then she explained what the rest of the appointment would entail. At nine week's (which is where I'm at) they don't generally check for a heartbeat yet as it's often too early to pick it up. But she would check the size of my uterus and, if I was measuring bigger for some reason, they might try to see if they could pick one up. So, she measured and . . . I was measuring at about 12 weeks along. Interesting. The doctor informed me that this could just be that, because it's my second, I'm just expanding faster at the beginning - this apparently is common for many women.

Anyway, since I was measuring at 12 weeks, she decided to go ahead and see if she could pick up a heart beat. She assured me that if she didn't pick one up, it wasn't anything to worry about. It either meant that the baby was just still too low in my pelvic bone to pick up yet or - and this is where it started to get really fun - that there is more than one! Yeah, okay - nothing to worry about. So, she checked and, of course, didn't find the heartbeat.

The moral of the story is that I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday morning (Eli's birthday) to (I hope) confirm that there is only one baby. This should be a fun week.

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DennisS said...

Hope the birthday and appointment go well!