Saturday, May 31, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

A few weeks ago some girlfriends and I headed out the the Heritage Hill yard sales. We got excited about this day and made plans for snack and beverage provisions for our shopping because Heritage Hill is one of the more upscale sections of the city - and there were over 50 sales. In the end, I wasn't terribly impressed, but I did get a few good deals - like a coffee table for my office that just needed some paint and this great backpack for Eli for $.50. The animal on the back may be a dog or a monkey, we're not sure - and a few people even say it's a bear. But Eli loves it and can now carry his own diaper bag!

He's also big on helping in the garden again this year and is really enjoying his watering can. We've had to give him restriction on what he can water; he's allowed to water anything he can reach without actually walking into the garden patch. Otherwise, he gets so excited about watering the plants in the back that he forgets there are plants in the front and walks all over them. Seriously, though, he's a great helper - we've got lots of potted things and I have one small watering can. It takes me about ten trips on my own to water everything, so I welcome Eli's gusto on this one.

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