Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Slide

We've been loving winter. Really. Especially the last few weeks when it's been a little less cold and Eli can play outside for longer than 10 minutes at a time. With all the snow this winter, Jeff build Eli (and maybe himself?) a snow slide off the back steps of our deck. We've been taking Eli to the mall to play on the play-place there this winter when it's been too bitter cold to play outside. Everything is seriously padded there, including the floor, so it was a great place for Eli to learn how to go down the big slide on his own. One day, in the back yard, Jeff started pilling up snow on the steps and Eli was content to stuff his face in big piles of snow and lick. When the slide was completed, Jeff sat Eli at the top and ran around to the bottom, repeatedly asking Eli to wait, wait, wait! He got to the bottom and looked up at Eli who was still sitting at the top, looking a bit confused. But then Jeff said, "Eli, it's a slide!" Eli's response was one of his chuckles from his gut and a big push off the top. He'd seen plenty of slides, but none made out of snow before. After a little sun in the afternoon and some rain the next day, the slide is primed for speedy sliding and Eli's having a great time - especially since he's started getting hot chocolate to warm up when he comes in the house.

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