Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh come, Oh come, Emanuel.

This is the last of several posts that I've added today. I'm catching up. Keep scrolling down to see all the new stuff in the Petersen family.

Last year we thought it was so much fun to get ready for Christmas with Eli. We had no idea how much more fun (and more challenging) it would be when he was mobile. Eli's been "making cookies" with green and red play dough, he made his first ornament at the Meijer Garden's Christmas party and helped with the Christmas Tree. Last weekend we went out to the tree farm in Zeeland with our good friends Brian and Liz Sharda. Eli brought his "wood saw" (no really, it's made out of woo) to help. Then he helped string the lights and decorate the tree. This pretty much consisted of climbing the step ladder with an ornament, carefully picking the perfect location and then throwing the ornament in, hoping that it would get caught up before hitting the floor. If it stuck, he'd clap for himself. If it fell all the way down, he'd climb down, grab the ornament off the floor, and start the process all over again. We've also been re-decorating the tree every evening as all the ornaments within reach get taken off and thrown back into the tree multiple times. So far, only three have broken, but I think two of them can be fixed.
Yesterday, he even tried on his papa's ski goggles. I recognize that they're not really Christmas related, but still - 'tis the season.

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