Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time is slippin' away.

Maybe you caught the reference to the somewhat cheesy DC Talk song, but it's so true. All the cliches are. I set up this blog two months ago when our son, Eli, turned one to help me be intentional about capturing the moments of our life as a family. Now, two months later, I'm finally getting around to the first post.
This past weekend we headed up to the Au Sable river with my parents for a little bit of fly fishing and a little bit more time away. We live in the city and love it and we also love getting out into the trees and rivers and lakes that the city can't provide. Perhaps one of our favorite memories of Eli so far happened while we were there. Jeff had a paper bag from purchasing some fly fishing/tying supplies, which he emptied and gave to Eli. Then he proceeded to point out various objects - rocks, twigs, pine cones - and ask Eli, "What's that." To which, of course, Eli would closely examine it, pick it up carefully and place it in the "nature bag." Even at only 14 months, I think he's got the innate sense that God's creation is something to be treasured and cherished, protected, even if only by a paper bag and the pockets of your sweater.

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